"Nice to meet you.

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I graduated from Flagler College, located in St. Augustine, Florida, with a Bachelor Degree in Strategic Communication, minor in Advertising. The knowledge I have gained over the years at Flagler College and through my professional experience, has built a strong base for me to enter into the industry prepared and to continue growing. Today, I currently work for Ignite Hospitality, a creative marketing agency, with offices in London, New York and Madrid. 


During my time at Flagler College I gathered professional experience throughout several internships, leadership positions, and academic projects. I was a member of Flagler College’s student run public relations firm, Dow Advantage, as well as the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). I was an active member at WFCF 88.5, Flagler College’s student run radio station. My time at WFCF 88.5 challenged me, as I was promoted to an on-air DJ personality and hired as the Social Media Director.


My internship position as the Marketing Coordinator at the Tolan Group confirmed my passions and my interest in pursuing a job in the marketing and advertising industry. Through these different experiences I was able to recognize my passions, which include creating fresh ideas, bringing them to life, and implementing them towards a common goal. Working in marketing and advertising allows me to creatively collaborate with people and working in a creative field gives me the opportunity to serve a community. I have gained a strong ability to effectively and enthusiastically, accomplish projects with timeliness and creativity, both independently and in a team format. 


Six months after graduation, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue my passions and gain more experience in the Digital Marketing space with my position as Marketing Coordinator for Kinetix, an employment branding firm. Alas again, I moved my life to New York City in 2018 where I continued to work full time and remotely for Kinetix. After a year and half I was promoted to Account Manager, leading a team and managing all client relationships, solutions and strategy. After two and half years, I left Kinetix to join Ignite Hospitality based in New York City, a full service creative marketing agency specializing in hospitality marketing. As both an Account and Project Manager for the firm, I manage a wide range of clients internationally and in the U.S. from small causal businesses to large upscale restaurant franchises. I work with both in-house and international service teams ensuring a timely and quality delivery of large scale projects for our clients. 


My superpowers of course include interpersonal connection, strategy, client consultation, graphic design, website editing, content writing, content creation and social media marketing!


Despite being a full time marketing professional I also cultivate my entrepreneurial passion through my work as a Freelancer of content and design, after hours. Did you know it takes the average person just two seconds to look at a company’s logo, website and collateral to decide if they like it? Having worked with a variety of different clients, specializing in content and design I’ve built a solid foundation of knowledge.


I look forward to connecting with you!

Al Hill